About Us

Bahr Energy Pars Kish Company

Bahr Energy Pars Kish Company has been established to provide engineering, consultancy, management, and procurement, specialized services such as construction and installation works, by using expert manpower and in compliance with international standards.

The Company’s perspective is to be one of the most efficient project-centered companies at national and regional levels. Our mission is to provide service for various industrial projects based on experiences and past achievements of the Company’s members. The company intends to present best services to their customers through developing into a great company in designing, procurement and construction works (EPC) towards greater client’s trust and assurance.

The Company hopes to witness the highest satisfaction of customers via achievement of opportunities in the field of industrial projects and make the most of them through precise scheduling, improvement of quality, using new technologies and methods and raising the projects’ quality to a higher level, while providing ground for entrepreneurship and development of expert services.