Civil executive activities at Persian Gulf Star Condensate Refinery:

* Development and expansion of administration buildings, road construction and landscaping in 22 hectares (in different places).

* Employer: Persian Gulf Star Oil Co.

* Start date: 7/22nd/2020

– Supplying oil flow pipe for one of the 28 tanks projects:

* Supplying 4-inch wellhead pipe in 14000 m.

* Employer: Petro Gohar Farasahel Kish Co.

* Start date: 8/26th/2020

– Supplying DeLaval turbine spare parts:

* Supplying 9 pieces of bellow parts

* Supplying 8 overhaul kits

* Employer: Kharg Petrochemical Co.

* Start date: 8/31st/2020

– Supplying precision instruments products (Tokyo Keiso – Japan)

* Supplying super-intelligent servo tank gauge, model: FW-900

* Employer: Kharg Petrochemical Co.

* Start date: 9/22nd/2020